Understanding Innocence in danger

Innocence en Danger (IED) is a World Movement for Protection of Children against any form of sexual abuse.

Created in January 1999 following the meeting of experts held at UNESCO on the theme “Child pornography and pedophilia on the Internet, a global challenge” (FDI) is an Association Loi 1901 non-profit, internationally oriented, declared to the prefecture of Paris, this country and also in 5 partner organizations, sharing the same goals, in 27 countries worldwide.

Innocence en danger gathers activists, Internet specialists, jurists, policy makers from the political, economic, media, to raise international awareness of the growing scourge that is the pedo-criminality.

Innocence en danger is a strong action, advocacy, proposals, education and information from relevant governmental and non-European and international bodies, companies and people (schools, local communities, groups young) in the role of relaying information between the public and public institutions.

The main actions of Innocence en danger

  • Raising awareness: informing prevention
  • Relay, mobilize, integrate and coordinate
  • Support: support and defend
  • Rebuilding: Resilience