More about IID


More about IID


More about IID-UK:

It was formed in 2009 under the leadership of Homayra Sellier, President of Innocence In Danger. Its initiatives are funded solely by tax deductible donations.

Mission Statement:

  1. To help rehabilitate abused children in the UK through creative therapy sessions of art, drama and music. This encourages children to grow and effectuates positive change in a safe environment.
  2. To initiate and make available latest research in the UK that highlights the scale and severity of child abuse.
  3. To raise awareness of child abuse in the UK: Informing, Educating and Sensitizing communities about the magnitude and long term effects of child abuse in our society.
  4. IID-UK will work with other IID chapters to study and evaluate the human, physical, psychological and economic cost and impact of abuse on the society – and the best practices of post trauma therapies .

Vision Statement:

  1. To work alongside psychologists, doctors, family members and artists to offer quality rehabilitation programs for children.
  2. To replicate the IID model in major cities across the UK to continue touching more lives.
  3. To support research on child abuse in the UK and make findings available to the public to educate the society about the causes and different help communities.
  4. To set up a research unit in the long run to produce campaign reports and briefing papers to influence decision makers.

Philosophy: Research. Education. Rehabilitation.

  1. To support the proven benefits of creative therapy for abused children.
  2. To find effective solutions for helping affected children and their families.
  3. To continue organizing rehabilitation retreats with other offices of IID in Germany, Colombia, Switzerland and the US.
  4. To identify children that would most benefit from special treatments given by IID ****(USA) programmes and IID partner agencies.