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Découvrez les Partenaires d’Innocence en danger

Les partenaires Innocennce en danger sont des associations ou des compagnies dont nous soutenons le travail et la cause et avec lesquelles nous collaborons ponctuellement ou régulièrement dans le cadre d’évènements précis. Ou des artistes, sociétés, compagnies ou marques qui ponctuellement organisent des actions ou vente de produits au profit de IED.

Noah’s Arc Foundation

Mené par le joueur star de basketball Joakim Noah,  la mission de la “Noah’s Arc Foundation” est d’aider le jeunesse au travers du sport et de l’art à Chicago.

Partnership Innocence In Danger

Marriott International

« Spirit to serve »is still in first plan for Mariott International. The company acts worldwide and brings its help for the improuvement of social issues.

This is why Mariott International has been donating 10,000 euros to the organization Innocence In Danger for the past few years. The offered sum has been collected by more than 30 Mariott, Renaissance and Courtyard hotels in Europe with the cooperation of DreiMeister. For every Christmas cookie bought, the hotels gave a fraction of the price to the organisation. Mariott International Inc is a hotel group with more than 2,800 hotels in the USA and 66 other countries.

Ethology applied to horse riding

Last summer, Donald Newe*participated in the Baku-Innocence in Danger workshop, at Rossinière’s Grand Chalet.

Encouraging children to ride horses, he suggests to them the creation of a relationship with the horse, of a dialogue, whispering to his ear and thus gaining his trust and thus winning self confidence. For more information, please visit *Donald Newe, equine behaviourist Pieces of advice, intervention, and work on behaviour Education, rehabilitation, ethologic horse riding Equine Behaviour/Donald Newe 121, rue Nicolas Robert, 28500 Vernouillet – FRANCE Tel. +33 (0) 2 37 42 81 89 Mobile : +33 (0) 6 09 92 71class=”bodytext”>Tel. +33 (0) 2 37 42 81 89 Mobile : +33 (0) 6 09 92 71 45

White step organisation

Founded by a group of parents, shocked by reportings showing the reality of pedocriminality, the White step organization (non political and non religious) was created in June 2001.

Originally, the idea was to call up the most people in the streets, to encourage the federal authorities to make the future of its children a priority, according to arcle 11 of the new constitution. Association MARCHE BLANCHE Case postale 1122 1001 Lausanne boîte vocale:++41 (0)22-360 02 43 Website:

Constantina children’s Foundation

“To give is to receive”

Constantina Latin singer and performer, has founded in 2002 the Constantina Children Foundation for supporting orphaned and disadvantaged children around the world:

Maribel Chocolate New York

Maribel Lieberman, an internalional IID supporter, designer and founder of

the company based in New York city Maribel is the spokes person of black berry with :

Manu Association Manu Association You are looking for a loved one, but have you tried everything? Do you need a moral support, a piece of advice, to diffuse a missing person poster? Please contact us with the “I am looking for” form ou by postmail or telephone. MANU association