« Child Abuse on the Internet: ending the silence »

by Carlos A. Arnaldo, Paris-New York: Edité par UNESCO et Berghan Publishing en 2001

Child pornography and the use of media and Internet to commit sexual abuse of minors are subjects of great complexity. They are however closely related. They claim not only because the solutions studied, but also a real awareness of the whole society.

This book lists all the parades that have been studied and also attempts to give the keys to effective cooperation between individuals and organizations facing this scourge. We thus find the description of the major initiatives taken both in some African countries than in Albania, Brazil, Guatemala, the Philippines or Sri Lanka.

It also discovers the efforts of international cooperation in information exchange and network building common defense. An index finally provides the websites of the organizations most successful in terms of child protection on electronic networks.

Furthermore, the authors propose a scheme for a coherent and coordinated action between different actors as possible in the fight against the abuses of children are victims.

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