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The story of Innocence en danger

Innocence en Danger (IED) is an Association Loi 1901 in non-profit, internationally oriented, declared to the prefecture of Paris.

Innocence in danger and was established to implement the Action Plan, drafted after the meeting of experts on 18 and 19 January 1999 at UNESCO on the theme “Child exploitation, pornography involving children and pedophilia on the Internet: a global challenge “meeting, following the dismantling of international networks paedo-criminals connected through the Internet. The network “Wonderland” particularly comprised 180 members spanning 46 countries, and demanded as entry ticket production of 10,000 child pornographic images unpublished. On September 2, 1998, the operation called “cathedral” captures simultaneously in 12 of 46 countries, 750,000 character images to child pornography and 1,800 digital videos. The survey counted 1,236 victims and resulted in 107 arrests simultaneously in Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, USA, Finland, France, Great Britain, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Sweden. After the publication of the Action Plan, Federico Mayor, then Director General of UNESCO appointed Ms. Sellier Homayra President of the “global movement to protect the citizens of Innocence in danger” April 15, 1999.

Innocence in danger is present in 7 countries (France, USA, Germany, Colombia, Switzerland, UK, Italy) and partner associations throughout the world, sharing the same objectives. FDI brings together activists, Internet specialists, jurists, policy makers from politics, economics, media in order to raise global awareness on the growing problem posed by the pedo-criminality.

Innocence in danger is a strong action, advocacy, proposals, education and information from relevant governmental and non-European and international bodies, companies and people (schools, local communities)

HomayraIn 1999; I have been designated by the director of UNESCO to lead an action worldwide plan of defence and protection of the children named: “Innocence in Danger”. This results to the dismantling of a big cyber-pedo-criminal network owing to an international police operation: “the cathedral operation”

I left UNESCO after one year of effective work with the organisation; because UNESCO found the cause too important against their means – because UNESCO does not neither go on the spot nor meet the victims. After a few missed collaborative attempts close to other NGOs; I decided to continue Innocence in Danger relying only on myself and my desire to be close to victim children.

I started a fieldwork, journalists of investigation helped me a lot, taught me a lot; and in the beginning of my work, made a link between victims – their protecting family and me.

And it is through them and their fight that I saw fears, cowardliness’s, incompetence’s,…. but also, here and there, a few brave men, a few nowadays scaremongers who, like me, talk to a brick wall, aware of the damages, of the issues, of the costs of our blindness, apathy and inertia since decades about this taboo subject.

This subject bothers a lot and scares to the point that for the majority, it is better not to see the reality of child sexual abuses and their critical consequences for children and our society.

There is no mystery or shaded area, far too many minors are victims of incest of sexual abuses according to the last survey and numbers of ministries and institutions concerned (one child out of three.. Ministry source).

The information is public, even if I know that what becomes public is only a small percentage of all this kind of business, because many victims are afraid of machinery proceedings, are afraid that this will lead to a marathon that will last many years, are afraid to blow up a family, are afraid of the threats they will endure by their abusers. And all of this may lead to nothing. And they are unfortunately right about all of these aspects.

Our society does not have a repairing eye about this scourge, because there are too much unspoken, lack of competence, of complicity, of cronyism which are darkening facts that are however reprehensible on papers.

Nothing new, in front of businesses in which the press has shyly carried on, nothing new in our responsible’ declaration, it is hopelessly the same words, the same declaration of goodwill since 1999.

I lead this battle, which looks like a crusade; since 12 years. Today, Innocence in Danger has over tens office worldwide.

I am working with thirties volunteers in France, who choose to connect their efforts to mines – who know, like me, that there is a bigger happiness than having his belly full, closing his eyes on what bothers – who know that child victims of horrible stories are also political, economical and social policy makers of tomorrow – together with our team, we help families out of the isolation – so that they do not see the face of indifference, so that the pains, the distress and everything that accompany the child’s growth can be supportable.

We need to inform the public view on the fact that children are not being listened to (even if on the field things change step-by-step), that justice decides of the future of hundred of minors classified as liars and manipulators, and that without having seeing them, without having hearing them, as if they did not exist, on the ground that the raped has not been proved, do you know any adults who rape in public, who call some witnesses before they act ?

Businesses look alike and rise on those who are interested a few moment of indignation quickly forgotten.

For the criminals’ genetic analysis and other appraisal, indispensable tools to approach judicial truth, justice’s budget is going to be missing at least 230 millions Euros to finish the year.

“Under the managerial pressure, the act of judging decreases progressively, justice becomes a copy and paste justice, people, human, they have less and less their place” report Philippe Chaillou, president of the Chamber of the Court of Appeal for Children of Paris.

Since 1988, professor Marie Rose Moro handled a report to Jacques Chirac :

“I reported him that ignoring young people more and more weakened, it is dangerous for the society”.

The number of young people received at hospital : 17000 in 2004, has doubled in 15 years while the number of job has not changed.

Means deployed should however quickly compensate by those we won’t need to spend if things were well done. In other words or economically saying, if financial means were used to find solutions, it should be widely profitable given the cost generated when the damages happened.

Of course, we won’t go in depth to find solution, of course we won’t search, of course we won’t make a situational analysis, trying to understand, it would take too much time, we would need means and overall, courage.

Hence a definitive indulgence for things to continue as since decades without creating public troubles – without any mess.

But in front of unshakable flames, more determined that the indifference of the front, stronger than the self determination, which are going to be the pride of our children, the dignity of our culture, resistant’s which are going to be the face of our humanity if it has one; I am proud to be part of this.

We are all responsible of the world we give to our children – this scourge is among those we can’t control – it is not like the earth’s gravity out of our control.

Our children will judge us on what we did for them – and I want them to know that when we were challenged, we have not turned our backs to them and act as if nothing happened, but we struggle for their rights just like our parents struggled for ours.

As says Dr Boris Cyrulnik

“If beyond the situations, we see humans; if beyond the inability, we see potentiality, then we are on the road of resilience”.

Furthermore, despite what we can think, youth is not one of the briefest parts of our life, but the longest since it accompanies us through all of our life up to the death…

Convinced of the benefits to offer to a damaged, shaken child, betrayed in his body and in his soul, a meeting with painting, sculpture, photography, animals, nature… We set foot on resilience stay in which the benefits are subject to scientific study in Germany and in Colombia.

Children we invite during public holidays; they make us grow; they make us rediscover each moment the joy to give, to love, to share…

Through smiles, words, drawings and gesture, they prove to us the enormous courage they have despite the long years of penal procedures, appraisal, suffering, wounds, fears, anxiety and uncertainty.

I pay tribute to their courage; we are privileged to be the happy witnesses of these small and big moments of joy that we build together and that are going to be used as cushion, as invisible nets made of joy and hope.

These moments will be few founder rocks on which we can lean on for a bigger exploring self, capacities and potentials, a better energy, taste and love of life.

Jan Paul Dubois; sociologist wrote in “A French life”, Oliver Editions:

“These principles: happiness, the taste of life and love, their researches are not hereditary, we should learn to transmit them to the children by a way of love.”

Innocence in Danger is not a charitable act; it is not charity to replace discriminations; prejudices and injustices by their contraries, it is believing in life, in humans and in love, it is investigating in the future, it is feeding the potentials in every human being, in every men and women in becoming.

The survivors of sexual violence’s are entirely capable of living, of loving and be loved, of raising children… But the memory of this past will stay in the margins and will always be here, images will superimpose themselves, people as well, we need to understand that to understand them.

We know that resilience is becoming possible step-by-step, easily but irremediably, because out first instinct is all the same to live.

I am happy to follow the lives of all these small soldiers without medals involved in an invisible war, far from the light of the cameras and of the medias, which should return to us like a mirror to our society and ourselves so ambiguous about sexual intercourse with minors; about broken lives and possible hopes.

A few relevant examples:

– The trial of Angers in 2005: 66 defendants and 45 victims aged from 6 months to 12 years old during the events have been identified by the accusation between January 1999 and February 2002; we had to build a court which has cost a few 6 millions of Euros to all of us/all of you – a special Assize Court of 360 square meter has been build up within the palace, to judge these men and women, among them certain are recidivists; for rapes, aggravated pimping, sexual assault… It has been needed 4 months to judge the inconceivable.

– A victim that justice never believed, never heard, has never tried to help her recover, C admits at 35 years old having been psychiatrized for more than 20 years, whose help has cost a few hundred thousands Euros to the social security, multiply this number by the sales revenue! Isn’t it better to nurse, listen and prevent?

– The association AIVI and IPSOS has wanted to give voices to the French people to know their opinion about the registration of incest in the criminal law.

A few numbers to resume this survey:

One French person out of four knows at least one person victim of incest in his surroundings – these are purely declaratory facts, we can guess that the numbers are way higher in real life.

Among the persons knowing at least one victim of incest, half declares that the victim has neither been believed nor helped by her family.