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Innocence in danger’s combat

We speak not of paedophilia, but paedo-criminality.

  • Paedophilia is “a sexual preference for prepubescent children” as defined by the World Health Organisation. But this definition does not include the trauma suffered by the child victim.
  • The rape of a child leaves indelible psychological and physical scars. One for example is that most child rapers were themselves victims of sexual explolitation as a child.
  • Nor does this definition take account of all the crimes committed by paedophiles to feed  this sexual preference. But all these evil actions are included in the term paedo-criminality. And they are numerous:  searching for  children on the Internet, trafficking of children, prostituting of children from the poorer countries, production and sale of pornographic films involving children, creation and management of Internet sites on paedophilia,  kidnapping of children, and corganisation of international gangs and networks thanks to the Internet.
  • And finally, this definition does not allow for behavioural differences. Some men or women paedophiles seek out potential child victims within their immediate entourage; others group together under this ‘common banner’  and work in an organised and more efficacious manner.

Internet : the new playground for paedo-criminals

  • Paedo-criminality is increasingly organised through international criminal networks using tools that are as banal as they are shocking: digital technology and the Internet.
  • If the Internet has changed society’s ways of functioning, child abusers also use informatics and the Internet to ‘hunt their prey,’ to groom young children and to transact their commerce of flesh.
  • Some think these dangers are exaggerated. But to exercise their paedo-criminal inclinations, child abusers and their business agents use the same electronic mail and the same chat rooms as our children.
  • We must also realise that, according to INTERPOL, the international traffic of children nets yearly over 19 Billion dollars.
  • According to surveys in Canada and USA, one child in five has been solicited to meet a potential aggressor.

The facts

  • 3,000,000 children are reported missing, abused, prostituted, tortured, raped or killed all over the world, according to UNICEF.
  • 1,000,000 more children are forced into this commercial sex every year.
  • Over 200,000 ‘paedo-cultural’ sites were identified in 2003 (as against 70,000 en 2001)
  • 4,598 chat rooms have been identified world-wide as exchanging paedo-pornographic photos and films.
  • 10,000 persons in France daily surf the net on these paedophile sites.
  • 498 paedophile networks are listed as of today
  • 20 CD Roms were discovered in one network (Zandvoort) containing almost 100,000 paedo-pornographic images, serving as a ‘shopping catalogue’ for paedo-criminals.
  • On the average, a paedophile during his lifetime would have abused 100 to 250 children.
  • 1.9 million calls were received in France by Numero Vert 119 in 1998.